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Copertina di Improving school effectiveness

Improving school effectiveness

Autore: Jaap Scheerens (2000)

Editore: UNESCO, Paris

Codice ISBN: 9280312049

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This monograph addresses a central theme of educational planning: how can deliberate actions by policy-makers, school heads, teachers and parents help in the attainment of educational goals?
Answers are given on the basis of the results of empirical research, classified under headings such as: ‘educational productivity’, ‘school effectiveness’, ‘education production functions’ and ‘instructional effectiveness’. Since 1980, empirical research has yielded a body of knowledge that has provided information on which malleable factors ‘matter most’ and which other factors have a more marginal impact.

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Copertina diMisurazione e valutazione nel processo educativo

Misurazione e valutazione nel processo educativo

Autore: Aldo Visalberghi (1955)

Editore: Edizioni di Comunità, Milano

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